Back in November of 2011, a Destructiod reader tipped the outlet on his efforts to have Gearbox Software honor his good friend and fellow Borderlands fan, Michael John Mamaril, who died of Cancer far too soon at the age of 22.  Gearbox not only honored his request to have one of their iconic and typically wise-cracking Claptrap general purpose robots give an in-game eulogy for Michael, they went one step further and promised to include him in the upcoming sequel as an NPC. This ultra classy move by Gearbox was done so, as David Eddings, the voice actor behind the Claptrap so eliguently put it,  Michael may “live on forever in the borderlands.”

With the North American street release date of Borderlands 2 just two short days away, this serves as a reminder that the team at Gearbox Software are not only great developers, they are awesome people.  So please, buy lots of copies and help them to not only continue to deliver top-notch games, but to also keep showing us how big their hearts are with touching tributes like Michael’s, and though far more tongue-and-cheek, the “will you marry me” stunt they pulled for another fan named Ben Ambroza to help him tie the knot with his girlfriend Tora.

If you missed it back in November of 2011, you can listen to the in game eulogy for Michael below, though I must tell you, when the David breaks character your very own robo-eyes may begin to leak transmission fluid…mine most certainly did.


  1. for those looking for him in game, he’s in borderlands 2, he hangs out in the city of sanctuary, where he will give you a piece of equipment when you talk to him. He only gives you one piece at a time, but you can quit / load your game and get another. A really cool memorial for a great fan, to go one above a simple “generic NPC” character, and actually have him interact and help the player.