So, you want a new Mega Man game to celebrate the 25th Anniversay of the pellet popping pint-sized protagonist?  Well the series, first released in 1987, turns 25 on Decemeber 17th, and thanks to Owen Good, over at Kotaku, who reached out on the Capcom forums for a comment, we’re now armed with the response he obtained from Capcom Senior VP, Christian Svenson:

“In December ‘some but not all’ plans for the coming year of celebrations will be shared. There are many moving parts and not everything will be done and final come December. No one has promised a game or even an announcement of one at that time. Please do keep expectations in check.”

In other words, they’re all for busting out a cake and handing out a few party favors, but don’t hold your breath for anything substantial you could potentially wrap your thumbs around.  On a side note, I really miss Keiji Inafune at Capcom, fighting the good fight on behalf of the blue boy wonder he gave birth so many years ago.