Do you enjoy football games?  Do you want a football game that more akin to Adam Sandler’s Waterboy than a light beer that’s watered down?  Do you long for the days of simple controls and fun gameplay?  Do you like RPG elements like leveling and unlocking new moves?

If you answered yes to all of these questions and find yourself gaming on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, or Android Tablet, then huddle your ass on over to the Run Games LLC, Football Heroes Kickstarter page and drop a few bucks down on what looks like a promising endeavor.

The team behind Football Heroes are calling it a combination of “Football + Beat ’em Up + RPG, inspired by the classic game Tecmo Bowl.” In addition, they’ve got some nifty customization plans in store like open ended team name and city location text fields, complete uniform color selection, and a fully customizable helmet logo that supports image uploads from any one of the supported mobile gaming devices you play on.  They snickered during the video on that last one because, while they’ll never say it outright, they must know what most NFL loving gamers are going to want to do with their helmets. Here’s hoping they don’t get a nasty letter from the suites over at 345 Park Ave in downtown New York.

Now, if they’re able to pull off everything that they’re promising, then it will definitely be worth the $5 buy in it takes to get a copy of the game at the very least. Putting it all into perspective here, $5 is less than the cost of the cellophane wrapping that prevents you from opening Madden 13 before purchase.

The Kickstarter for title kicked off on September 5th, and as of this post, they are closing in on $5,100 with the ultimate goal being $12,000 by October 11. That’s 23 days from now. So, you can either rush out to McDonald’s and add another McDouble to your McBelly, or lend a hand to two guys with one cup…asking for a bit of your spare change.

Here’s a sampling of the gameplay along with their pitch for your support. You can check out the Kickstarter page here.