The original Darksiders was a slow-burner as far as popularity goes, with a largely overlooked launch eventually leading to a dedicated cult following among gamers. The bar was set high, and developers Vigil Games and publisher THQ delivered with the blockbuster release of Darksiders II. Better than its predecessor in many ways, it went on to be the best selling game of August 2012 and it received a mostly positive reception overall. As most fans have probably finished the game by this time, the time has come for some DLC content to keep the momentum going. Beginning next week, the Argul’s Tomb expansion will be available to satisfy your craving for more carnage.

The Argul’s Tomb DLC pack will incorporate a new zone into the game, with two additional dungeons to explore. The design and difficulty is aimed at those who have completed at the first three zones, however it should be playable to anyone regardless of level or game completion. However, the challenge might be too high for players just starting out. Included in the dungeons will be legendary loot unique to those areas, new enemies to fight and challenging new boss battles. The unique content should breathe new life into a game that many have explored and beaten top to bottom.

The anticipated release date for Argul’s Tomb will be September 25, 2012 worldwide, across the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms. For those who purchased the Darksiders II: Limited Edition, a unique code was included that allows you to download this DLC free of charge. If you discarded the code or purchased the game second hand, this expansion can be purchased for 560 MSP or $6.99 US. Darksiders II will also be among the launch title for the Nintendo Wii U console, and it has been confirmed that the Argul’s Tomb expansion will be included on the disc. That version hits retailers on November 18, 2012.