It’s no secret around here how impressive Klei Entertainment‘s Mark of the Ninja has been.  Despite its strange release on the Xbox Live Arcade on a Friday, critics have been championing the games stealth mechanics, including our own Erandi Huipe in his review.  While Xbox 360 players have enjoyed the title for a few weeks now, those waiting for a PC port are in luck, as one has recently been announced.

Klei has let the word out that the gruesome yet beautiful side scroller will be making its way to Steam next month.  On Tuesday, October 16, Mark of the Ninja will debut on Steam for $14.99, only a little over a month after its XBLA release on September 7.  Though details are scarce at the moment, lead designer Nels Anderson did state that Games for Windows Live would not be a factor.

More importantly, he mentioned that the controls are being revamped to better suit a mouse and keyboard play style.  So those hoping to stay away from their controllers should fear not; the developers are hard at work on insuring a quality port.  Until that port arrives, however, make sure to read up on the game and make sure you find the time to play it in whatever manner you prefer.