Every MechWarrior fan knows that an Alpha Strike can be devastating. Miscalculate how much heat it will generate though, and it could result in an explosion of epic proportions… in your cockpit. We’ve just had our own explosion here at RipTen: an explosion of codes. That’s right, it’s a CODESPLOSION!

We have 200 MechWarrior Online codes just for you. Entry is simple. All you need to do is drop a comment below. Make sure you sign into Disqus via Facebook or Twitter. If you choose the latter, make sure you’re following us so we can DM you.

Couple of things to note. The NDA is still in effect and will be for a little while yet. Keep your mouth closed and trigger finger limber. Once that NDA lifts, you can brag to all your friends about how awesome a pilot you are. They won’t be able to dispute it until the game goes into open beta later.

Head on over to the www.mwomercs.comwww, suit up, build your mech and get to blowing the crap out of your opponents.

Reminder: If you don’t give us a way to give you a code, you won’t get one. That means you either need to be following us on Twitter or open your FB privacy settings to allow messages from non-friends. We still have a small batch of codes left.


  1. Just gave out another huge batch. Reminder. If you are not following us on Twitter and that’s how you want your code, or if your FB privacy settings don’t allow msgs from non-friends, we can’t help you.

    If that applies to you, please re-post your request once you make it possible for us to deliver your code.