As famous detectives go, there are few more popular and enduring than Sherlock Holmes. The brainchild of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he is the quintessential suave detective who sometimes employs edgy and questionable techniques to solve cases. His name has appeared in literature, movies, television shows and video games for many years. Most recently, console gamers saw Holmes take on an iconic serial killer in Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack The Ripper. With The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Frogwares and Atlus are giving fans another reason to don their posh accents, deerstalker hats and unfeasibly large smoking pipes.

Set in turn-of-the-century Victorian England, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes has two central plots that the player will delve into. First, Holmes finds himself under suspicion for stealing a priceless necklace that he supposedly found and returned after solving a previous case. Under the weight of this scrutiny, his companion Dr. Watson begins to doubt his innocence and prowess as a detective. There is little in the way of evidence to clear his name, and his behavior becomes increasingly erratic. The second plot thread involves a bishop who is brutally murdered, thus intensifying the suspicions placed on Holmes. The plot of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is original to the game, rather than being based on previously published material, and it is meant to be as much a character study as a complex mystery.

Developer Frogwares created The Testament of Sherlock Holmes as an open world adventure game, with a focus on using clues, leads and your powers of deduction to progress. Utilizing a new engine that refines the gameplay and the console controls, we are expecting a much more polished experience than prior games in the series. Key selling points include richly detailed environments, motion captured characters, cinematic cutscenes and high quality voiceovers. The launch trailer below provides a glimpse into what players can expect from this latest Holmes adventure.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is available now for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It is developed by Frogwares and published by Focus Home Interactive, with the North American publishing being handled by Atlus.