Many thanks to the good folks over at Joystiq for letting us know that one of most unique games ever made is getting a release on iPad and iPhone. The 1997 adventure game The Last Express is stepping onto mobile platforms in a few days due to French game emulator company DotEmu. Watch the trailer for the game here and read the bit afterwards to find out why I think this game is worth your time:

If you can’t tell, The Last Express is an adventure game that takes place on the eve of World War I as the Orient Express takes it’s last trip. Created by Jordan Mechner (the man behind Prince of Persia and one of my favorite video game people), the game drops you into a multi-cultural environment where you have to solve a murder lest you become the one blamed for it. I’m of the mind that one of the strongest features of the adventure genre is the ability to place players in a strange, living world, and The Last Express does that exquisitely. While some of the conventions of the genre do slow it down, it manages to create a sense of immersion that few games can rival.

The six-million dollar game ended up unable to make up it’s cost, but it fortunately continues to live on. The game is already out through and will come to iOS on September 27th.

via [Joystiq]