If you’ll allow me to pull a line (somewhat profane) from this trailer, and apply it to Ubisoft‘s promotion for this game: “this is some ****** up foreplay, huh?”

If you thought you were tired of first-person shooters, I want you to scroll down, watch this trailer, clean yourself up, watch it again, and then tell me with a straight face that nothing in it excited you in the slightest way. From tiger attacks to ATV rides to hang-gliding to swimming with the fish (literally; not in that mobster figurative kind of way), this new trailer showcases a whole host of reasons why you should be sad that Far Cry 3 didn’t come out this month, like it was originally supposed to.

Now scheduled for a North American release on December 4th, Far Cry 3 has all the makings to be one of the strongest shooters we see this year, and Ubisoft is making sure that, even though it was delayed, we don’t forget that. I could analyze this trailer frame-by-frame, telling you what I see, what you should see, and what it all might mean, but, honestly, every time I watch it, my eyes cross and I start to drool. It’s that good. But, all right, I’ll do my job, and tell you what you should see: you should see how action-packed this game promises to be, how pretty it looks, and how much of an improvement over its predecessors it stands to be. Also, Buck is just as crazy as Vaas is. That does not bode well.

Just make sure you have a napkin handy, watch, and then go into a state of hibernation while you wait for December to finally get here.