Rejoice, lovers of quirky, janky, and surprisingly detailed combat games, as TaleWorlds has announced a officially titled sequel to Mount and Blade. Check out the extremely short and uninformative announcement trailer here:

That’s right Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is coming to… well, it doesn’t say when or where. Sigh. I say “officially titled” as 2010’s Mount and Blade: Warband was considered a sequel to 2008’s Mount and Blade. That being said, with only an year-and-a-half development time, the game was an improvement, but didn’t have the fruits of iteration that a good sequel has. TaleWorlds subsequently released the stand-alone “With Fire And Sword” expansion last May and followed up with the “Napoleonic Wars” expansion to Warband this past April.

In addition to working on the upcoming sequel, TaleWorlds is also helping Snowbird Games with Caribbean!, whose press-attache I had a chance to interview this July.

via [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]