Persona 4 Golden is set to occupy PlayStation Vita owners desperate for something to play on the handheld with dozens and dozens of hours of RPG goodness.  For those unfamiliar with the series but looking forward to the impending release, publisher Atlus has been periodically releasing a slew of screenshots, and we have a new set that show off the game’s Social Link system.

Socializing in Persona 4 Golden is a major facet of the gameplay, affording the player to choose with whom and how they spend their game time.  By strengthening your bonds with other characters, you’ll find battles somewhat easier to endure.  Be sure to check out the screenshots below to glimpse how Social Links work in addition to Status upgrades.  Yes, you can boost your Knowledge stats by studying, but it will likely be far less boring than studying in real life.

Stay tuned for more Persona 4 Golden updates before the game releases on November 20, 2012.