Today in plastic instrument news… nothing. In the world of actual instruments though, Ubisoft has announced that it’s year old Rocksmith is finally coming to PC. For those unaware, Rocksmith bills itself as a guitar teaching software whose advantage comes from users playing actual guitars instead of five-button mini-guitars or 102-button monstrosities. Using a quarter inch male with a USB on the other end, users can employ most any real guitar to learn.

Though the song list hasn’t been detailed for the PC version, I imagine it looks something like the one already available. While the music selection might not be great for a Rock Band, it works well for a game that aims to teach you guitar as all the songs feature the instrument heavily.

The game will be available through Steam, so that means you’re going to have to go buy the branded Rocksmith Real Tone Cable. The Steam store page suggests that you “see your local retailer or many online stores” for the piece, so it’s throwing you to the wolves a bit with that one. You’ll also have to provide your own guitar, but I actually think this is a huge advantage as you can purchase exactly the one you want instead of having to buy a midi-capable one that may not be fantastic (looking at you, Rock Band 3).

Pre-ordering the game will get you into a beta going on now, as well as giving you some digital amp and pedal models. Here’s a promotional video for the game:

The game releases on October 16th of this year.