Looking forward to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but still curious about the final character roster?  Well, Sony fans, I have some good and bad news for you.  The good news?  We know know the entire list of playable characters shipping on the disc?  What’s the bad, you ask?  Well, we know the full roster because it turns out there are no new characters left to announce.

Yes, the 20 characters already announced since the game’s launch comprise who will be playable when the game launches.  For those hazy on the list, here it is:

  1. Big Daddy
  2. Cole MacGrath
  3. Evil Cole
  4. Colonel Radec
  5. Dante
  6. Fat Princess
  7. Heihachi Mishima
  8. Jak and Daxter (one character)
  9. Kratos
  10. Nariko
  11. Nathan Drake
  12. PaRappa the Rapper
  13. Raiden
  14. Ratchet and Clank (one character)
  15. Sackboy
  16. Sir Daniel Fortesque
  17. Sly Cooper
  18. Spike
  19. Sweet Tooth
  20. Toro Inoue

Senior social media specialist for the US PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, declared this the final list when responding to a fan’s question about more characters.  Not to fear, though, downloadable characters have not been discounted, and with past leaks suggesting other characters, I am hopeful we will see some more Sony favorites after launch.

So who will you play as when the game releases on November 20 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita?  Let us know in the comments below, and who else are you disappointed not to see or hoping will appear in the future.  I for one am still reeling over the lack of Crash Bandicoot, but I hope this varied character list will provide more than enough options for every type of fighting fan.

via [IGN]


  1. Don’t give up hope on Crash, Johnathan! Omar Kendall has said that “Crash, would NEVER be DLC, he would be a free character.” Free download in PSABR’s future? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it!

  2. i know everyone doesn’t care, but the roster is seriously lacking, 2 coles when 1 could have been dlc, and xbox exlusive fo a year, and characters based off of new games does not pay homeage to playstations loyal customers that wanted a tribut to its past and present, they really blew it and need to make up ground with the dlc. no rpg rep, crash, spyro, laura croft, and character with only one title to their name make the cut over characters and series that have had 3 to ten times as many games? Omar said theve been watching the fans since the title surfaced, but I don’t think they listend to us unless they want to make extra money saving characters they should have had on disc as dlc, I’m really disappointed, hoping for day 1 free dlc…. the most unlikely event to ever happen…
    but it’s not for the fans as their so-called director claims, its for them to get extra cash over the chracters we wanted and asked for and they KNEW we would ask for them, these guys are crooks