Unfortunately for Sony, there’s no denying that the PlayStation Vita has been hurting in the retail space.  Despite some impressive titles and a strong launch, the system has languished on the market in comparison to its competitors.  While Sony has previously stated no price cut is coming in 2012, there is hope on the horizon for making the system more accessible at a better value.

Sont UK’s Fergal Gara spoke recently about Sony’s hopes to propel the system into more hands.  He described concerns about the price cut, stating the “question is not so much if, but when.”  As a  lowered purchase point will likely not come this year, Mr. Gara is most likely pointing to a price drop in 2013 (perhaps around the system’s one-year anniversary?).

In the meantime, he suggests Sony will do what it can to provide bang for the customer’s buck through the holiday season, which could be seen as referring to announced and possibly unannounced bundles to come.  Certainly some like the Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation bundle provide a bit more for purchasers, and a Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified bundle would certainly be a great flagship title to include as well.

Certainly the story will be different for each territory, but Sony may want to make a concerted worldwide effort to attract more players to the handheld.  Stay tuned for more news as Sony announces it to find out when is the best time to dive into the Vita.

via [Polygon]


  1. I really wanted to get a Vita. They announced the price of the system and it wasn’t bad at all. Then they announced the price of the memory cards. Thus ended my desire to get a Vita.

    A $99 32gb proprietary memory card is just too big a pill to swallow when a 32gb Micro SD card can be had for around $25.