Hey, have you played the re-release of The Last Express yet? If not, you should because it’s awesome. When you’re done playing that and have discovered what a great experience it is, you should get excited for the remake of Karateka. Why? Because the man behind both games (and Prince of Persia) is one and the same – Jordan Mechner.

We’ve known about the remake for a while now but have seen very little information about it. A few screenshots have popped up on Xbox.com though, and include captures of cell-shaded 3D models like this one:

We have included the rest below for your viewing.

Karateka is a 1984 beat-em-up whose deliberate combat system is more reminiscent of Dark Souls than Streets of Rage. A quick trip to Youtube will provide a wealth of LP’s on the game if you want to see it in action.

According to the info on Xbox.com, the game is only a few weeks away, coming to XBLA on November 14th.

via [Giantbomb]