If you’re anything like me and have been neck-deep in coverage of the 2012 campaign, you’re probably excited to see how candidates who have been regurgitating talking points deal with both the opposition right in front of them as well as millions of people watching in the Presidential debates. Perhaps, however, you’re disinterested and not particularly inclined to watch the upcoming debates. Well, Microsoft is aiming to engage the latter and reward both with the announcement that Xbox Live users who watch the debates will be rewarded with Halo 4 gear.

Like the Mars Curiosity landing of two months ago and the streaming of the Republican and then Democratic conventions some time later, Microsoft is continuing its attempt to engage Xbox Live users by providing coverage of theses events for free. In addition to giving users coverage of the debates, the company plans to reward viewers by giving them a Halo 4 Warrior Armor set for avatars, for those who watch at least 30 minutes of three out of the four debates that begin this Wednesday, October 3rd, and end Monday, October 22nd.

While those outside of the United States are able to pick up the prize by meeting the same requirements, viewers will have to be registered with the Xbox Live Rewards program, which can be done here.

In keeping with the spirit of the console, live, interactive polling will occur during coverage, with users being able to tweet questions that may be selected to go out live to others for consideration. You can explore more details at the promotion’s official site here.

Two last points – first, if you’re interested in watching the debates but don’t want pundits, live polling, or commercials, we will point you to C-Span as probably the best place to watch that debates. Even if you don’t have cable, C-Span makes it’s coverage available for free to the public through its site.

Secondly, how do you feel about this initiative? It’s a broad question, but I’m interested in how you feel about Microsoft incorporating politics as part (albeit a very small one) of their service. Write your comments below and, please, keep it civil.

via [Game Trailers]