If you’re like me, you’re chomping at the bit for more news about the next episode in Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead series.  Well, while we don’t have all the information we would like, we can gleam a little about The Walking Dead: Episode Four – Around Every Corner.

The latest installment in the episodic game has quite the writer’s name behind it for a series that has already spun an engaging tale.  Screenwriter Gary Whitta, writer of films like The Book of Eli penned this entry, and you can see a tease of the episode below.  Around Every Corner does not yet have a release date, but Telltale hopes to reveal this information soon, as it is expected to release before October comes to a close.

Of course, don’t watch if you haven’t played the game yet.  And if you haven’t played, why not?  Check out the reviews for the last episode on both PC and Xbox Live Arcade, and discover why you should not miss out on this fantastic series.