The developers behind The War ZHammerpoint Interactive– have announced that they’re taking pre-orders for their game and allowing those early purchasers access to the alpha and beta builds. If you haven’t been keeping up, The War Z is an MMO survival game where players are tasked to live through zombies and scavenge supplies to keep going. It’s being compared to “Day Z,” though who knows how accurate that is beyond the basic premise and goals.

The pre-purchase options come in three tiers. The first is priced at $19.49 and will grant access to the beta come October 31. The second costs $29.99, gives access to the alpha on October 15, $15 of in-game money, a month of server hosting, and three weekend passes. The last tier is priced at $49.99, gives you access to the October 15th alpha, provides $30 of in-game money, six months of hosting, and three weekend passes. These are all discounted prices as well that will be raised come October 20th. You can buy the game at the site’s page here, if interested.

Unfortunately, doesn’t look there’s any official footage of the game out there, so you’ll have to snoop around YouTube a bit to see how the game looks.

The War Z is set for release this Fall on Windows.