If you haven’t noticed, Borderlands 2 has quite the sense of humor to go along with its vibrant art style.  The upcoming downloadable character, Gaige the Mechromancer, looks to be continuing that condition, and now you can find out a little more about this crazy femme fatale before you begin a playthrough with her.

Gearbox Software has released an audiolog from Gaige, which should offer you a little more about her personality.  Listen/watch the log below, and expect to discover what makes Gaige tick as we near her release date.  Gaige will be made available to players on October 16.  For those who pre-ordered the game, Gaige will be a free download, and will cost $10 for the vault hunters who did not opt into this adventure so early.

For more information on Gaige and her summonable mech, Deathtrap, check out our preview from PAX.  And if you’re still on the fence, read our Borderlands 2 review to learn why this is one crazy adventure you won’t want to miss.