The University of Advancing Technology finally launched their prequel fan film to the hit BioWare franchise, Mass Effect, last Sunday. The  short film is less than 15 minutes long but offers a small insight on what may have happened before the First Contact War of the series, in which the humans fight in a three-month conflict with the Turians after discovering the Charon Relay.

Just before the official release of the movie on YouTube, the creators and actors sat down to answer fan questions in a live video chat from both Twitter and Facebook. While a few of the questions were asking about the budget and and cost of special effects, most of them were directed to the lead actor of the film, Mark Meer, who is the voice of male Commander Shepard himself. While Meer wasn’t playing the famous Commander this time around, fans still seemed to be giddy over just his speaking voice all the same.

The reviews so far are mostly favorable with a good number of people wanting more. The official response from the team at UAT is simply, “We’ll see…”

You can watch the video in its entirety below.