If you’ve ever wanted to find out first-hand what makes Magic: the Gathering so gosh darn popular, there’s no better way than getting your feet wet with Duels of the Planeswalkers, a beginner-focused microcosm of the game’s storied history. Assembling decks without any guidance is tough, but the system used in Duels makes it so that you’re always playing with a well-tuned deck. Once you’ve gotten a bit of experience, you can swap in specific cards designed to complement the strategies that the 60-card libraries are built around.

Of course, even that might seem a bit imposing for new players. That’s where “Duels of the Tubers” comes in. This Friday, October 12, 2012, six well known YouTube players will come together to duke it out and find out who is the best Planeswalker among them. Hosted by HuskyStarcraft and featuring Tobuscus, Black Nerd Comedy, Katers17, OMFGCATA and Panser, the event will help new players get a feel for how Magic works. Viewers can get a head start on the event by checking out vlogs from the contestants here (click the names of the YouTubers to visit their channels) and by downloading the free demo of the game (available on Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation Network and the App Store for iPad).