The pay what you want model has been kind to the independent development community. While consumers may set a lower price than what a developer values their game at, the huge amount of new purchasers who wouldn’t find themselves interested in the game at the original price more than make up for it. With this in mind, GOG has partnered with Larian Studios so that their Divinity series is being distributed in a similar, pay a fair price model.

The 2002 action-RPG game, Divine Divinity is being sold at a pay what you want price. Consumers who beat the next average- which currently stands at $8.65- receive Beyond Divinity as well. Lastly, those who beat the current $19.01 price also receive Divinity II: Developer’s Cut, which releases October 18th. Here’s a promotional video for the sale:

In addition to the game, you’ll also get all the neat things that GOG usually includes, such as soundtracks, developer journals and such. If you’re interested in what’s included in the Director’s Cut of Divinty II, here’s the video Larian Studios released on it:

The most interesting part of this promotion is to see whether or not GOG will start using it more often with other games. While this model is usually associated with smaller titles, it’s use with bigger games in the service may help give it another edge over Steam.

The sale goes on until 1AM GMT on October 18th. You can check out the deal here.