“We inundate you because we care.”

This was the header that greeted me as I opened Atlus‘ latest Persona 4: The Golden asset e-mail. What was included therein? Character videos. A lot of character videos. Like, sixteen character videos.

With the release of Persona 4: The Golden just over a month away, there isn’t much more to be said about the Vita update of this classic PS2 RPG. It was great then, it looks like it’ll be just as great – if not better – now, so, you know, get ready to sink tens of hours into it.

Now, these videos… You know, I’ll tell you what: I’ll embed a few of ’em here for you, and then just link you to Atlus’ Youtube page so you can watch the rest at your own leisure. Be warned, some of these videos do contain minor spoilers – nothing really outrageous, or experience ruining, though – so don’t shout at me if you see something you didn’t want to. But, at this point, I’m sure most of you will have played the game by now. If not, shame on you! I expect you to buy it come November.

So, first and foremost, we have a video with Teddie. Just because I freakin’ love Teddie:


Next, a video with Yosuke, because it pretty much sums up his entire character:


Finally, just to even out the male-female-anthropomorphic teddy bear spectrum, I’ll throw in a Yukiko video. Also, it features Teddie. I freakin’ love Teddie.

 That’s all for here, folks. For more, head on over to Atlus’ YouTube page, and see what else they’ve got in store for you. And, I’ll say it once more: mark your calendars! November 20th is going to be amazing!