While Darksiders II delivered one of the strongest game soundtracks this year, it was the PlayStation Network release Journey that truly elated me with its musical accompaniment.  The music played an integral role in making that title one of my favorites of the year and was responsible for so much of the emotional punch and, yes, a teary moment or two.  And now you can own that beautiful score as more than just MP3s.

While the soundtrack has been available on iTunes for some time now, if physical media is your thing Austin Wintory‘s gorgeous tracks are now available on CD.  A number of outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others have it available for purchase, though the announcement has already spiked sales.  Temporarily out of stock at Amazon, it may be a while before you can get your hands on that compact disc.

The disc will currently run you about $14 on Amazon, but if you’re a bit more frugal-minded, it is only $4.99 on iTunes.  Whatever format you decide to purchase it in, however, do not let this enchanting soundtrack pass you by, particularly if you’ve experienced what Journey has to offer.

via [Joystiq]