Some parents may wag their finger at me when they find out I took my four year old son to see The Avengers this summer. I couldn’t say “no.” He loves his superheroes. A lot. I’m sure if I showed him footage of Ubisoft’s upcoming Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth, I’d be hearing about it constantly until he had it on October 30. Some games are better left as surprises.

Those of you headed to New York ComicCon this weekend will be able to get an early look at the Kinect-powered title at both the Marvel booth (#1838) and the Ubisoft booth (#1821). I’m still waiting for that killer Kinect app, and my fingers are crossed that this might be the one. Stepping into Hulk’s purple shorts or picking up Mjolnir to do battle sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to check it out when I take a trip to the Javits Center this weekend. For now, check out the latest batch of screenshots right here.

Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth arrives on Xbox 360 on October 30 and later this holiday season for Wii U.