The run up to Monolith’s¬†Guardians of Middle-Earth has been nothing short of brilliant. From the announcement right before E3 to having the game on stage in the WB booth for press and fans alike to play, the rollout has been masterful. Mostly.

We received some news about pricing earlier this week, along with the news that the game will be going head to head with Far Cry 3 on December 4, 2012. For those looking to get in on the first classically styled console MOBA, you’ve got a few different purchase options. I’m still not entirely sure if there is a price advantage (or any¬†advantage for that matter) in choosing digital over retail. In fact, the retail purchase seems to be a box with codes in it… I think. Let’s hope that gets cleared up soon.

Back to the good stuff, though. Two new characters have been revealed today, one on each side of the conflict. On the side of good, there is Beregond, Steward of Gondor. For Sauron, we’ve got Felgrom, a goblin who has a few screws loose.

Check them out in this new video before you get back to pondering just how you want to buy the game when it arrives in December.