It’s been over a month since Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar of Bohemia Interactive were arrested by Greek authorities for spying (which, as we previously wrote, refers to a total of 14 blurry frames of video on their camera, taken from a moving car) and the case is nowhere near resolution, due to the justice system workers’ strike in Greece, which can last all the way until the 20th October. Until it ends, no paperwork will be done, leaving the developers effectively in limbo., the community site established to track events related to the case and support the developers, is in contact with the lawyer aiding Mr. Buchta and Mr. Pezlar, Panagiotis Eleftherioy. Apart from the standard „Thank you for your support.” message, he has also mentioned that any publicly available material (eg. on YouTube, Flickr, DeviantArt etc.) that depicts military installations on Lemnos may help build an effective defense in the case. As such, is currently looking for such media to submit to Mr Eleftherioy.

Another way in which you can help the developers is by sending a written protest to the Greek embassy located in your country. Be civil, honest, but frank when writing your letter. You may also contact your Ministry of Foreign Affairs or equivalent and lodge your protest there too.

We will continue to cover the situation as it develops and (hopefully) the Greek justice system will start processing the developers. We wish them all the best.