If the wait for God of War: Ascension has you pining for more news about Kratos and the journey that led him to become the tortured soul we all know and fear, a bit more about the game’s release has been revealed.  The collector’s edition of the title is now available for pre-order, and it comes with a slew of extras to satisfy your hack and slashing needs.

For the MSRP of $79.99, the collector’s edition comes with, of course, a copy of the game in the heavily branded box that you can see above, in addition to a statue of the protagonist himself.  Though he looks more poised for battle than he does angered with the gods, it is certainly a must-have for fans of the franchise.

Included in the box will also be the premium steelbook case, as seen above, and a batch of smaller extras: the official soundtrack, a multiplayer double XP unlock, a pass for planned DLC a dynamic theme for the PlayStation 3 and an avatar pack.  Whether you pre-order the collector or standard edition, you will receive the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack, which includes four playable characters from Greek mythology.  Perseus, Orion, Achilles and Odysseus are included in the pack to expand your options and prove there was something to all of those names in Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey.

God of War: Ascension will hit the PlayStation 3 on March 12, 2013, but until then it appears Sony has more news planned.  Stay tuned for further ancient Greek updates in the months ahead.

via [PlayStation Blog]