WWE ’13 is just a few weeks away from its October 30 release date and THQ has spilled the beans on the game’s WWE Universe mode, as well as released a trailer and a handful of screenshots. For non-wrestling fans, the WWE Universe refers to the brand’s fanbase, so it makes sense that WWE Universe mode is all about fan interaction.

In this mode, players get a surprising amount of creative control over their beloved WWE, with the ability to create pay-per-views, new weekly shows, and even storylines. There’s also comprehensive stats tracking to help you further plan out your own wrestling empire. Watch the trailer for a better idea of what to expect.

I am so absurdly excited for this mode. My wrestling fandom borders on obsession, but from a creative perspective. I like to see entertaining storylines, wrestler chemistry taken advantage of, and unique wrestlers get the pushes they deserve. The WWE videogames have always had some element of customization, but never to this extent, and I can already see myself putting hours into creating my ideal show.