What a coincidence. My review for War of the Roses has gone up and one of the complaints was the lack of content. I noted that Paradox made a commitment to releasing more, and today they’ve announced the first round of what’s coming out. Let’s break it down.

Seven new weapons to crush enemies in will be added. This includes a new crossbow, mace and pollaxe. Here’s a picture that gives you an idea of what you’ll be getting:

New armor that includes a heavy armor set of Milanese Knights Hospitaller style, a new helmet, and four new visors will be added as well. While the last one sounds like a trifle, putting down the visor places one over the third-person camera while providing more protection.

Two new maps will be available that take place during winter in Wakefield and Towton. The weather will also apparently bring new mechanics to the game, though there’s no details as to what the effect will be in gameplay.

A new mode titled “Pitched Battle” is being added, as well as another mode that hasn’t been detailed. Pitched Battle is being described as a mode “where soldiers for the houses of Lancaster and York will soon learn to value their lives.” The description makes it sound like it will be a perma-death match, but don’t hold me to that.

One last important detail is that the game is adding micro-transactions. Paradox’s own wording of the new system is framed as this:

Content updates will automatically add new items to be acquired in the game. The system is designed to reward players who have invested a lot of playing hours into the game and items will be immediately available for players to redeem though accumulated in-game currency. For those who are too impatient, there are also options to purchase in-game currency to secure content.

Considering that the game came out at an affordable $29.99, it’s no surprise that Paradox is looking to add a revenue stream that’ll keep the game worth updating. There also doesn’t seem to be any changes to the current gold earning system, which let me purchase most anything I wanted already.

No details on when all of this stuff is coming out, so keep an eye on your updates.