Back in August, we told you about the KontrolFreek CQC Signature thumbstick attachments. Put simply, I liked them for the increased comfort and precision offered simply by extending the height of the sticks and changing the angle of my thumb. If you’re interested in the mechanics of why¬†they offer improvements to finer adjustments, the short answer is “geometry.” The long answer can be found here.

In advance of two major FPS releases, the company has rolled out similarly designed (but differently decorated) versions of the FPS Freek that feature some interesting changes while retaining the comfort. The FPS Freek Infinity is the first product in blue from the manufacturer, and it sports a design inspired by Halo 4. The FPS Freek Havoc is black (making it blend in quite well with my Dual Shock 3), and features a design that should look familiar to anyone anticipating the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Whether you take your combat among the stars against the alien hordes or prefer things a bit more terrestrial, you’ll get the same great performance enhancements (the legal kind, as these are approved for tournament play). The Infinity and the Havoc are both even taller (1/2 inch) than the CQC Signature, which at first had me a bit concerned. My hands aren’t overly large, and too much height would give me a reduction in range of motion.

Height comparison (Left: Infinity, Right: CQC Signature)

As you can tell, the difference is significant. This is probably about as much as my hands can take without sacrificing access to the interior of the controller. If it weren’t for the concave architecture, I probably wouldn’t find them to be comfortable. Thankfully, the combination of the texturized rubber with the shape makes these a joy to use.

Going back to the default height of the thumbsticks is difficult after going from the CQC Signature, which I had been using up until these arrived, to the Infinity/Havoc. I absolutely adore the comfort of the Xbox 360 controller and wouldn’t have believed that it could be improved upon. KontrolFreek has proved me wrong once again.

I decided to put the set of Havoc attachments on my PlayStation 3 controller. Again, the improvement is absolutely noticeable, correcting one of the things I dislike about the Dual Shock 3. The convex shape of the default thumbsticks has always felt off to me. This absolutely improves my experience. That’s not to say it makes me a better competitive FPS player. There is no hope of that. Seriously, if you ever see me online, I am a guaranteed boost to your K/D. Still, these make gaming more comfortable, and in my advanced years with my near-arthritic hands, that’s a bonus. (No, I don’t have arthritis, but my wife still gives me a hard time for deadening a nerve from incessant do-overs of the final Human Torch race in Ultimate Spider-Man.)

The FPSFreek Infinity is available now and the Havoc will be released on October 23, 2012. No matter the choice, the price tag is an affordable $13.99. You can find out more about KontrolFreek on their website.