New York Comic Con has a reputation for still retaining the “comic” presence that other, similar events have lost in recent years, though gaming has certainly carved out its corner at the Jacob Javits Center.  Marvel sought to combine these two with announcements regarding your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the merc with a mouth, Deadpool.

The Amazing Spider-Man released this year to generally higher praise then some of the webhead’s other recent gaming outings, and Marvel wants to insure everyone can swing through the streets of Manhattan.  The movie tie-in will release next spring for the Wii U and will come bundled with all four DLC packs for the game, including the ability to control Stan Lee, the Rhino Challenge, the Oscorp Search and Destroy and the Lizard Rampage content.

Concerning the Deadpool title developed by High Moon Studios, Marvel announced that Domino will be appearing in the game.  Domino first appeared in the X-Men comics as a member of X-Force in 1992, and comes with a set of excellent marksman and hand-to-hand combat skills.  Though her power of making the improbable probable may not be the flashiest of mutant abilities, she is surely a powerful asset in combat, and you can find out more about her in the character bio below.