Early this morning, Irrational Games‘ Creative Director and Co-Founder Ken Levine pulled the curtain back on not one, but two different Collector’s Editions for the studio’s next entry in the Bioshock series. Infinite’s been delayed a couple of times, has lost key team members and was a no-show at E3 and PAX, but we continue to have faith. Our confidence comes in large part from the fantastic character designs that the development house is known for. Joining the Big Daddy and Big Sister in the rogue’s gallery will be the Songbird.

If you aren’t familiar with the creature, it has an interesting backstory. Booker, whom players will control during their time in Columbia, is on a mission to free a young girl by the name of Emily. The Songbird was created to be Emily’s jailer, and served as her guardian and protector during her 15-year detention. Given her limited contact with the outside world, a bit of Stockholm Syndrome has set in, and Emily has conflicted feelings toward the monstrosity that both imprisoned her and was her only friend.

More importantly, it is a damn fine piece of character design, and if you spring for $149.99 Ultimate Songbird Edition, you can put one on the shelf next to your other collectibles. The statuette is 9.75 in tall and was designed by concept artist Robb Waters.

This set also comes with:

  • Art of Columbia 64-page book
  • A Handyman figure for the upcoming board game, Bioshock Infinite: Siege of Columbia by Plain Man Games
  • Lithograph of in-game propaganda art, an add for the Devil’s Kiss vigor. Designed by Jorge Lacera, concept artist at Irrational Games.
  • 3 in. replica Murder of Crows vigor keychain, cast in resin
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Three in-game bonuses: Bull Rush (Melee strikes from sprint have a chance to knock down enemies), Extra Extra (audio logs reward currency), Betrayer (killing enemies under your possession makes them explode)
  • DLC – Booker and Elizabeth costumes on Xbox 360 (presumably Avatar items), XMB/Desktop theme for PS3/PC

If you want to be kinder to your wallet (or simply don’t care about the Songbird), you can pick up the Premium edition for $79.99. That’ll get you everything except the giant, awesome statuette that is going to look awesome on display in my office.

Both editions go up for sale on Monday October 22, 2012 at Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. They are going to be in very limited quantities, and if my story about the Borderlands 2¬†Ultimate Loot Chest teaches you anything, it’s that you don’t want to be left out in the cold.

Bioshock Infinite arrives on February 26, 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.