In its continuing expansion of services, Valve has now added a software category to the Steam Greenlight hub. After a month long delay, software became available for purchase on Steam at the beginning of October, with products ranging from 3D modelers, game development tools, and photo editing tools. The current Greenlight software selection contains many of the same program types, but has also expanded to audio production, video production, teaching software and more.

In addition, Steam has also launched a “Concepts” page where people can bypass the $100 fee needed to add a product for actual consideration, and instead just get feedback from the community. This seems like the right compromise between the earlier free-for-all that was Greenlight, and the perhaps a bit too pricey gated Greenlight. Developers and modders are already using it to get thoughts from gamers, and there even seems to be some actual conversation going on between them.

You can check out the new software category here and the concepts category here.