Let’s talk Far Cry 2. It’s a deeply flawed game that happens to do some fantastic things. Sure the lighting model is great, the landscapes are gorgeous and the basic dynamics of combat are satisfying, but it was the way the game was so willing to interrupt your plans that made the experience enthralling. The blast back from a rocket launcher could trigger the game’s fire propagation to kick in and push you forward into combat. Your gun could suddenly break and make you quickly change your tactics and the flow of battles. Malaria or wounds would force you to back off in the midst of a gunfight. While I don’t want Far Cry 3 to be the same as its predecessor, I would like some of the same elements to be present if it continues to be an iteration on the open-world shooter genre.

A few of the key details came out this past summer when one of the game’s producers confirmed that both the rust and malaria would be taken out. Considering that at this point all the footage that had come out looked like traditionally linear missions, my glass had moved to half-full. Enter this extended look at Far Cry 3.

In an exclusive given over to the good folks at Gamespot, the lead designer and lead level designer of the game have sat down to do commentary on a full 14 minutes of in-game footage. While we’ve seen glimpses of the open world before, this protracted look is pretty great:

The fire still looks great and the addition of the bow will make stealth a more valid option than it was last time. A particular favorite moment in the video was when they are attempting to make a stealth approach and are forced to reveal their position due to a tiger. The extended heal animation for bandaging remains, but it seems the player will be allowed to move this time- an interesting compromise from having to be still in the past game. The directed objectives like hunting animals also seem like a nice addition, giving players more to do in the lush world.

In short, the video shows that while the game may not be as daring as it’s predecessor, Far Cry 3 is looking to be a fun time. Glass status: half-full.

Far Cry 3 will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows come November 29th for Europe and Australia, November 30th for the UK, and December 4th for north America.

via [Gamespot, Kotaku]