The BioWare Panel at today’s Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo confirmed a few rumors that have been circling around the new Dragon Age game that is set to release sometime next Fall. After showing off a bit of concept art, presenter Mark Darrah, the Executive Producer of the Dragon Age franchise, answered a few audience questions to ease the minds of some fans.

Confirmation was made about the main character being human, with David Gaider, Lead Writer of the series adding in that,

“Backgrounds will be in DA3 even though you will be human, it’s not playable but it does significant impact on the story.”

In regards to both companions and Flemeth from Dragon Age 2, the question was only briefly acknowledged that you may see what happened to some of them and the game wouldn’t feel right without a bit of Flemeth.

A few things  that may have killed it for some fans with DA2 were the limited maps and lack of any real customization. Just so happens that also DA3 promises to have more customization than Dragon Age: Origins and that a single level in the upcoming title will be as big as all the levels combined from the second installment. Let’s hope BioWare makes good this time around after setting great expectations.