These days, the market is flooded with replicas, commemorative items and all sorts of tchotchkes. It’s a perilous affair to separate the covetable from the crap. It’s also far too easy to get sucked in by the possibilities of what a piece might look like on the shelf, and if the Batman: Arkham Asylum batarang taught us anything, looks can be deceiving.

It’s for this reason that our friends at Replica Dungeon asked us to take a look at some of the pieces they have on offer and weigh in on their merit and value as collectibles. As someone who has spent quite a lot of video game collector’s editions, classic action figures and other commemorables, I was eager to see how these replicas stack up.

With the upcoming release of God of War: Ascension, we thought it would be great to start with the licensed and official God of War Blades of Chaos… well Blade of Chaos, more accurately. Since I’m not actually planning on killing a God, I really don’t need two, though, I wouldn’t mind having a second given how amazingly detailed this piece is.

The Blade measures 20.5 inches long from sharp (and I mean that) tip to the bottom of the hilt. This doesn’t include the chain, of which any fan of Kratos’ journey for revenge should understand the significance. For those not in the know, the Blades of Chaos were permanently attached to the Spartan’s arms. It’s a great touch, and the two feet of links can wrap around the wielder’s arm for cosplay. The final link is also open… for the really authentic cosplay. You know, if you want to affix the blade to your body.

I’d be careful, though. Keep a handle on the sword, because this is far heavier than it looks. I’ve shown the piece to a number of people who were quite surprised not only at the heft of the piece, but at the craftsmanship as well.

Close up of the metal texturing.

The metal is pitted and worn with age. Were it to have looked brand new or shiny, it wouldn’t have the same authentic feel. The points along the top and bottom are uneven, each coming to a point that is pleasantly surprising given how safety-conscious our society has become. This is not an item for children, nor do I expect that many would be able to lift it for terribly long.

I mentioned earlier that the tip of the Blade of Chaos is sharp. Included is a plastic guard. It is not exaggeration to suggest that one could be harmed with it, but that should be something that adds to the allure for true fans. The edge is blunt, so you are unlikely to chop off a finger or limb using it. However, given the weight, swinging the sword for fun at another human being isn’t recommended.

I am most impressed at the seating of the blade. Again, a perfect reproduction of what gamers used while accompanying Kratos on his journey. Above the hilt is a maw with sharp teeth and a ghastly visage. The entire piece is sturdy, and it appears that the blade is firmly affixed within the gaping face.

My one, solitary complaint about the Blade of Chaos is the handgrip. I suspect that the intent is to reproduce the appearance of leather. From a distance and on display, this works. Close up though, especially when in-hand, the plastic look and feel is obvious. Leather isn’t cheap, and I imagine it would require a level of upkeep that many collectors wouldn’t adhere to. Leather uncared for degrades, so this is probably a wise choice.

United Cutlery, the manufacturer, has provided a fantastic display stand for the piece. It comes in four pieces. The base is decorated in a reddish-brown Grecian scroll that matches the color of the grip. It also bears the God of War logo. There are four additional pieces that slot into the base. Two prop up the handgrip and the blade. The final segment is designed for wrapping the chain around. The blade looks fantastic when resting on the stand.

If you want to put it on a shelf, make sure you’ve got approximately 11 inches of clearance. Again, the point is sharp, so you don’t want to wedge it into a space that isn’t large enough in order to avoid gouging.

I’m pleased to be able to give the United Cutlery God of War Blade of Chaos a hearty approval. The design is fantastic, and the construction is sturdy. The piece looks beyond impressive whether on the display stand or in hand. Fans of the series that want to own a licensed piece of the franchise (a certificate of authenticity is included) can feel comfortable investing in this gorgeous replica.


The God of War Blade of Chaos was designed and manufactured by United Cutlery. This item was provided to RipTen by Replica Dungeon, which sells the piece for $94.99 (compared to a retail price of $224.99.