Platinum Games and Sega have enjoyed a harmonious relationship over this past console generation, having developed and published a slew of high quality titles that have since become fan favourites. The über-violent MadWorld, the sexy and stylish Bayonetta and the criminally underrated Vanquish are a few of the titles that they have jointly released. In their newest collaboration, Anarchy Reigns, they are giving us a chaotic, multiplayer-focused brawler featuring a mixture of both new characters and some familiar faces. The game was released on July 5, 2012 in Japan, with a release outside that region being confirmed for a later date. If you’re one of those people who have been eagerly awaiting news on a localized version, your wait is now at an end.

The gameplay style of Anarchy Reigns is a mixture of third-person melee combat and classic beat ’em up design, making it a cross between a less-violent MadWorld and Streets of Rage. You run around an assortment of varied environments, demolishing waves of enemies with an assortment of over-the-top moves until you are able to advance to the next area. The game does have a story mode that can be played solo, however the focus is really on the multiplayer aspect. You and your friends can tackle a variety of co-operative gameplay modes, such as the standard “Survival” and “Capture the Flag” modes, as well as more competitive (and chaotic) ones like “Death Match” and “Battle Royale.” It has been said that some of the multiplayer modes allow up to 16 players at a time, while other mods have determined numbers.

Anarchy Reigns will feature some of the key characters from MadWorld, as well as Bayonetta herself. She is available in the Japanese version as DLC, however it is unclear if she will be included in the North American release or available at an additional cost. The expected release date is January 8, 2013 for the Playstation 3, followed shortly by the Xbox 360 version on January 11, 2013. The MSRP is $29.99, an affordable price that is sure to add value to the game.