When I visited Toys R Us yesterday, I heard something curious from a number of the employees. Not only did they have plentiful stock for the launch wave of Skylanders Giants figures, but they had a small stash of boxes marked “Wave 2” that they weren’t allowed to even open until today (Monday). After consulting with fellow hunters, there was a great deal of confusion. Thankfully, the retailer cleared things up last night with an email. They had received a small batch of early Wave 2 cases.

It’s a good thing I was there when they opened, because much of what was there went fast. In fact, my local store didn’t even have all of the Wave 2 figures. Thanks to the input of others, we’ve been able to piece together what will be available when Wave 2 becomes widely available in a few weeks.


Hot Head (Fire)



Jet-Vac (Air)


New Characters

Flashwing (Earth)

Sprocket (Tech)


Series 2 (Returning Characters)

Bash (Earth)

Double Trouble (Magic)

Drill Sergeant (Tech)

Flameslinger (Fire)

Gill Grunt (Water)

Hex (Undead)

Sonic Boom (Air)

Stump Smash (Life)


One giant, one lightcore, two new characters, and one Series 2 in each element. This leaves the following characters to be released in single packs:


Eye-Brawl (Undead)

Ninjini (Magic)

Thumpback (Water)



LC Chill (Water)

LC Hex (Undead)

LC Pop Fizz (Magic)

LC Shroomboom (Life)


New Characters

Hot Dog (Fire)

Shroom Boom (Life) – Available early in Dragonfire Cannon Pack


Series 2

Chop Chop, Cynder (Undead)

Drobot (Tech)

Eruptor (Fire)

Lightning Rod (Air)

Prism Break (Earth)

Spyro, Wrecking Ball (Magic)

Stealth Elf (Life)

Zap (Water)


There’s certainly enough there to break into two more waves, especially with the Giants headlining each. My guess is that we’ll see the next wave bring two Giants, two Lightcore figures, single-pack Shroomboom and five of the Series 2 figures we haven’t seen yet. This would leave a Giant and one new character to keep the attention of gamers through the new year.

My local Toys R Us wasn’t even sure that the limited stock of Wave 2 figures would be replenished any time soon. Whether this was a tease or if the retailer has a huge leg up remains to be seen. When I was there when the store opened, the five or six of us smart enough to be in line early picked over most of what was new on the table. In fact, I wasn’t fast enough to pick up Series 2 Hex since I equivocated about waiting for her Lightcore version. I suggest contacting your local store later today and throughout the week to see if they’ve received additional Wave 2 cases.


  1. One of the Target stores I visited today had S2 Stump Smash, which is also from Wave 2, which leads me to believe that Target (and maybe other retailers) may have gotten these “early wave 2” boxes as well.

  2. I went to a TRU in Lewisville, TX and was the first person there. The sweet manager recognized me from yesterday and handed me a box with most of them in there. Hot Dog, Spyro, Zap, Stealth Elf, Lightning Rod, Thumpback, Ninjini, Eye-Brawl, And Hot Head are the only ones I need now. I have all of the rest, including the limited and legendary versions. It’s a sickness, really.

  3. I was lucky enough to overhear the TRU manager on Sunday that he had boxes he couldn’t open until Monday. I showed up Monday and was able to get all the teaser wave 2 releases. Unfortunately, when my son opened up the giant Hot Head it would not register at all on our portal. One disappointed customer.

    • That happened to me, too. You can request a new one from warranty.activision.com. Make sure you add “Skylanders Giants” to your “My Games” section or it won’t let you put in a warranty request for a figure.

      According to the info, unless you are putting in a warranty request for a portal or legendary figure, you don’t need to even send the defective one in. You will need the 8-digit model number from the bottom of the figure, though.

  4. well my local target has about 20 sprockets they said they got them in wave one boxes and they got flashwing early sadly no hot head