While Mojang’s legal battles with Bethesda over the Scrolls title may have launched that game into the public with gusto, Notch’s other game shouldn’t be forgotten. Titled 0x10c, the game is a first-person shooter with ship management systems. The premise is that in 1988, a deep sleep ship carrying passengers ended up keeping its crew down for way too long due to a computer bug. Now the year is 281,474,976,712,644 AD and as the universe is winding up, the survivors have to find a way to start again. This multiplayer trailer that Notch released yesterday shows off the most basic of elements in the game: shooting, the computer, and multiplayer. Check it out:

For those who have Facebook, Notch has started up a page that will make it easy to keep up with the game’s updates, which you can find here.

While no date has been announced for the game, it will be coming to both Windows and Mac.