If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last month or so scouring all of Pandora in search of the many easter eggs Gearbox Software has snuck into Borderlands 2.  If you have somehow managed to exhaust the game’s plethora of missions and are waiting for the next DLC to debut, 2K Games has good news for those hoping for some vault hunting on the go.

Borderlands Legends is coming to iOS platforms next week, and marks a change from the franchise’s hallmark blend of shooting and RPG elements.  Fans will not feel too out of place, though, as the isometrically-viewed title takes on the action-RPG genre retains the trademark color palette and run-and-gun nature that has endeared so many already.

Legends puts players in control of one of the four characters in the original Borderlands and will include a modified version of the skill tree and leveling system that plays such an important role in customization.  The game will also include the first cover system for the franchise to give players an advantage as hordes of skags and psychos surround them.

Borderlands Legends is set to release on Halloween, October 31.  It will cost $4.99 for the iPhone version and $6.99 for the iPad version.  For a better look at what the title will deliver, check out Entertainment Weekly’s screenshots as you prepare to joypuke all over your mobile device.

via [Joystiq]