With only one week before we discover if Assassin’s Creed III delivers a satisfying conclusion to Desmond Miles’ adventure, Ubisoft is making one final push in case the game has somehow alluded you thus far.  And for a game all about choice when killing your foes, it only makes sense that the latest trailer offers viewers plenty of options.

In the interactive trailer below, you can watch as Desmond’s ancestor Connor carries out an assassination in the midst of the the Battle of Bunker Hill.  But you won’t simply sit idly by as Connor moves through the cacophony; at several points along the way, you will be presented the option of multiple paths for Connor to take.  These choices largely boil down to being stealthy or focusing more on action, but all of the paths demonstrate the assassin’s impressive set of skills.

The trailer is a nice way of incorporating the franchise’s gameplay into the viewing experience, and yet again hints at the promise of this entry’s advancements in the series as well as the unique setting.  If this trailer happens to push you over the edge, be sure to pick up the game when it launches October 30 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.