After New York Comic Con, I covered a story about The Legacy for Health (the organization responsible for the Truth anti-smoking advertisements) pairing health messaging and gaming. The joining of gaming and anything shouldn’t surprise anyone given the number of people the medium touches. Now, another group is working to engage the population through gaming, and they’re teaming up with PopCap Games to make it happen.

Rather than create something brand new, the American Dental Association is working with the lovable undead from Plants vs. Zombies to “Stop Zombie Mouth” and impart the benefits (and necessity, if you ever want to have positive social interactions) of good oral hygiene. Not only will children be able to pick up valuable tips for keeping their teeth hole-free and breath from peeling paint, but they can get limited edition collector cards at participating dentists. That’s a pretty sweet deal, but this cake has a healthy dose of icing.

PopCap is also giving away 1 million copies of the PC/Mac version of Plants vs Zombies, and anyone can print out sheets of coupons to give away on Halloween. The coupons can be found here, and they all have the same redemption code, so making more is easy. Once your Trick-or-Treaters get home, they have until November 10, 2012, to download the game for free. It’s a great alternative to buying bags of candy that, let’s be honest, are largely going to end up around your hips. This is also certainly better than the pennies, pencils and toothbrushes that I used to get from some the houses in my neighborhood.

You can find out more about the Stop Zombie Mouth campaign on the official website, download your coupons to give away to the little ghouls and ghosts here and pick up the limited edition collectors cards at a participating dentist. Now, if only those Michael Jackson zombies weren’t cut from the game. Can you imagine the tie-in with a testicular awareness campaign?