Having snuck through the entirety of Dishonored, I ended up missing out on trying a lot of the skills and abilities that the game offered. Well, Bethesda and Arkane aim to fix that with one of its three upcoming add-on packs for the game.

The first- titled “Dunwall City Trials“- is described by the publishers as thus:

10 challenge maps that will test and track your combat, stealth and mobility skills. Ten distinct trials await challengers – including an arena battle against waves of enemy AI, a gravity-defying run of drop assassinations, and a race against the clock.

In short, it will be a challenge mode for the game. While that sounds against the spirit of Dishonored’s stealth focused game-play, perhaps putting it into a compartmentalized experience will make it more approachable. It’ll be priced at $4.99 and released in December.

If you’re looking for something with a more narrative bent, the two other announced add-ons will fill that role for you. Arriving sometime in 2013, one of the add-ons will focus on Daud and his assassination group- the Whalers.

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