While details of Assassin’s Creed III‘s intriguing alternate history DLC involving George Washington have already been announced, Ubisoft has revealed more about content to follow Connor’s main narrative.  In order to download these missions, however, you’ll have to pick up the game for the PlayStation 3.

One of the more infamous icons of the Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold’s plight has practically become legend. It’s also at the center of a PS3-exclusive four-mission pack.  The story arc commences with General Washington asking for Connor’s aid in discovering a scheme to take down the vital military site known as West Point.  From unmasking Loyalist spies to even working for Arnold himself, players will spend four missions aiding Washington before taking part in a massive battle that threatens the safety of West Point.

The PlayStation Blog has an interview scriptwriter Matt Turner that provides more information about what these console-specific missions will include.  Perhaps most interesting to war historians is that Turner used dialogue thought to have actually been spoken at the time by those involved in West Point’s struggles.

As I am personally thrilled that this franchise is tackling such an intriguing portion of American history, knowing these missions are console specific has certainly convinced me to consider picking of the title for the PlayStation 3.  If Benedict Arnold proves as fascinating for you, the DLC will be available for the PS3 on launch day, October 30.