On this episode of Holy Crap There are a lot of Guardians of Middle-Earth Characters, we’ve got our first look at someone familiar and someonething that likely won’t be recognizable to anyone but the most loyal Tolkeinites.  As Monolith gets closer and closer to their December release, one thing is becoming clear. There is going to be a lot of variety and interesting strategy thanks to the enormous cast.

Today, WB Interactive has shared art and a trailer for two new combatants. First up is Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan. She slices, she dices and can stay in the fight longer than most of the men by her side. She has fantastic defense and regeneration, and she can sacrifice her own health to restore that of allies.

Joining her on the opposite side of the field is the brutal orc warrior Mozgog. He, too, regenerates health quickly, and can do enormous damage to enemies with his basic sword attack. The beast can also taunt enemies, disrupting their escape when low on life.

You can check out the new battle profile video below.