After the runaway success (and endless controversy) of Grand Theft Auto III on the Playstation 2, Rockstar Games had a tough act to follow. Released on October 29, 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City took everything that was great about its predecessor and kicked it up a few notches. With a new setting, a speaking protagonist and a host of new weapons and vehicles, it gave series fans plenty of reasons to celebrate. It’s amazing to think that this game is already celebrating its tenth birthday this year, and Rockstar is commemorating it with a mobile re-release that fans are sure to enjoy. If you remember the endless hours spent stealing mopeds, driving around listening to 80’s tunes and rocking the “t-shirt with pastel-colored blazer” look, now is your chance to experience it all over again.

Taking the open-world sandbox experience from the gloomy urban streets of Liberty City to the sunny and sandy locales of 80’s-era Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the stand-out titles in the series. Following the story of mob member and recently released convict Tommy Vercetti, players take to the streets to take over areas, acquire wealth and help Tommy rise to the top of the mob food chain. There is no shortage of opposition to this, so many of the missions have the trademark killing and carnage. The story aside, half the pleasure of the game is just roaming around the city. For most people, this involves carjacking and killing until the army shows up. Simply driving around and listening to the radio, or walking and enjoying the pedestrian chatter, can consume hours of your time.

As previously mentioned, Rockstar will be re-releasing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as a download for Android and iOS devices. The exact release date has not yet been confirmed, however it is expected to launch later in the fall. The previous installment in the series, Grand Theft Auto III, was given a similar re-release in December 2011. Save for some technical enahancements and touchscreen controls, it was essentially the same experience as the original Playstation 2 game. We will likely see the same from Vice City, and hopefully all of that stellar 80’s music and hilarious talk radio banter will also remain intact. Additionally, through their website, Rockstar will be having giveaways and offering limited-edition promotional items for sale.