If you understand the joke in the title of this story, chances are that you’ll want to pay attention. When we visited Toys for Bob’s offices earlier this month, we got a very early peek at two new mobile games in the Skylanders universe. Those little webcodes that come with every figure are going to come in handy once more.

The first title is Skylanders Lost Islands. Due out in late November, this game has a bit of “Ville” in it with land management aspects. The more exciting piece is that you can send your different Skylanders on missions for rewards. Our hope is that there will be a way to earn experience and cash for your figures, which will enable improved stats and resources to purchase power upgrades. This title looked approachable and a more casual experience. The benefit, regardless of interaction with the core games, is that it provides another way to use the figures you already have. As a bonus for Skylanders Cloud Patrol players, according to Vicarious Visions co-founder Karthik Bala any codes you’ve input for the first Skylanders mobile game will be imported. Having spent quite a bit of time unlocking characters in that fashion, I was quite pleased to hear that. It stands to reason that characters unlocked with gems will port over, also.

While that did seem interesting, the game that caught my eye was the November-bound Skylanders Battlegrounds. This is going to be the first true Skylanders experience for iOS. There are going to be two ways to play. You can use the codes to import your characters, but the availability of a bluetooth portal is what is truly special. I was surprised that swapping characters in and out was fast (speedier, in fact, than on consoles).

Handled similarly to an RPG, Skylanders Battlegrounds features an overworld that zooms into a smaller-scale battlefield when encountering an enemy. Instead of directly controlling the Skylanders on the field (you can have two in at a time), you’ll tap and drag to get the characters to focus on specific enemies. There is a neat slowdown effect that allows for more precise targeting. Having played games with similar “drag to target” mechanics, anything that can be done to improve precision is greatly appreciated.

We’re still awaiting pricing and bundle information for Battlegrounds. Any figures that come with that game will work with Skylanders Giants, and the roster will include original heroes and the new ones introduced recently. It is unclear whether the Giants themselves will be compatible with this version, but given that they function largely the same as smaller figures, there’s no reason to assume they won’t. The only reason we are unsure is that the promotional image of the packaging that leaked earlier this month included three characters: Cynder, Double Trouble and Jet-Vac, along with treasure chest magic item.

Image Courtesy of Skylanders Wiki

Along with the two new titles, Skylanders Cloud Patrol is due for an update that brings the 16 new characters into the mix. There’s no word on whether Series 2 or Lightcore figures will operate differently here. We’ll keep you posted on the mobile Skylanders explosion as we know more.

Image Courtesy of Skylanders Wiki