If two is a coincidence and three is a pattern, then this week’s pattern is all about horror-themed games going on sale across multiple distributors.

Let’s start up with the bundles. Indie Royale is currently at $5.42 average, which will net you the full season of Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, Home, Pathologic, MacGuffin’s Curse, and Evilquest. Games of particular note are Home, a 2D murder mystery, and Pathologic, a Russian made, first-person game. Here are the corresponding trailers:

Groupees is running The Bundle of the Damned, where for a $1 minimum, you can pick up Cryostasis and Manor of the Damned, as well as an album of instrumental music from Midnight Syndicate that sounds right out of a horror movie. For $4, you’ll get Blindside, Anna, and Post Mortem as well. I reviewed Anna a while ago, which you can check out here. Blindside is a some sort of audio-based game that doesn’t require visuals to play, with the conceit being that the protagonist wakes up to find themselves blind and must use only aural clues to find out what’s going on. Here’s the live action trailer for it:

Gamer’s Gate is doing a combination bundle and daily deal sale. The bundle consists of Cryostasis, Fear 3, Metro 2033, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, Penumbra Collection, and the Painkiller Complete Pack for $30.67.

Lastly, Steam is selling a variety of games that includes the complete Fallout: New Vegas pack, Rage, Anna, and Condemned: Criminal Origins. It should also be note that the entire season of the fantastic The Walking Dead is on sale for $15. The game continues to receive great praise because, well, it’s great.