For all the lore junkies that just love plot exposition, lore and background information, grinding them into fine powder and rubbing into exposed mucous membranes: Blizzard is indulging us. Having started on October 8th, Brian Kindregan, co-lead writer of Wings of Liberty and lead writer of Heart of the Swarm, answers fan questions about everything related to the lore, story and characters of Starcraft 2 in a weekly Q&A series. And, of course, it’s absolutely spoilerrific.

The first episode starts off with a blanket answer to questions concerning the justification for including and excluding certain units from different games of the series and differences between single player and multi-player. It also explains the rapid population growth after the first human colony ships came to the Koprulu sector, which exploded from 40 thousand in 2259 to billions around 2500, and clarifying the intentions and motivations of Sarah Kerrigan.

The second part focuses on Jim Raynor, primarily the nature of his relationship to Sarah Kerrigan and the switch in priorities from killing her to saving her. As a bonus, Mr Kindregan gives us a little background on how exactly Arcturus Mengsk manages to hold the Dominion together after the events of Wings of Liberty and how the Mutalisk moves in space. Yes, there’s actually an explanation for that now.

The third installment is even more interesting, explaining how the Overmind was able to subvert the orders given to him by the Dark Voice to save the Zerg, why Mengsk didn’t use Findlay to prevent the disastrous hijacking of his mech pet project and clarifying the meaning of the term Prophecy, as it is used in Starcraft 2. Hint: It’s got Hari Seldon written all over it.

The last part (for now) further elaborates on Jim Raynor and the booze-fueled evolution he experienced in the four years between the events of Brood Wars and Starfcraft 2, the Dominion’s victory on Char where the Directorate failed and the exact nature of problems introduced by Starcraft 2 when it comes to lore.

The updates are weekly and the next one’s going to be up in a couple of days. We’ll keep you posted.